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about us

Goodies 2 Go is an independent business created and owned by Genevieve Jackson (usually known as Genny).  Genny is a FoodSafe certified baker who makes all of her cakes and cupcakes by hand, from start to finish, so you know you are getting the freshest cakes and cupcakes around. 

At Goodies 2 Go, we have your best interest in mind, so all our flavours have been taste-tested by real people just like you, so you know they are the best. Recipes are from scratch so they are different and fresh.  We know its all in the little details too, so we have all the finest finishing touches, from those shiny cupcakes wrappers or some beautiful edible glitter to top it all off.

Goodies 2 Go is all about making your special days spectacular, with the best flavours to the little details that matter.  You will never be let down, because we customize your goodies to exactly what you are looking for.  You get the greatest quality for your dollar, so let Goodies 2 Go be your go-to business for your pastry needs.  If you dream it, we will make it!

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