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yummy goodies




it's really that simple - starts with some cute idea in your head and ends with a tasty treat in your tummy

It usually starts with a special person or two in your life - birthdays, anniversary, weddings - you name it.  What's special to them?  We'll turn out a concept that fits.

Little People? 

We're specialists in making little people go crazy over their best cake ever.   Ninja's, cartoon characters, camping, boating, pets - what ever makes them happy can appear in our creations.


​​​Taking a concept through production can take a little time, but less than you might think because we need to deliver fresh tasty treats to you.

If you require complex 3d structures as part of your dream goodie, or massive volumes for a large special event, it helps to plan well in advance.  When custom work is limited to the icing on your cupcake / cake,  we can often deliver on short notice.  ​​

Inquire anytime through our webforms on this site.


The G2G mobile (aka CUPCAKE WAGON) is ready to head anywhere in Greater Vancouver to deliver your creation.

Genny is part rally car driver, so your treats are in great hands as they propel their way to your special event.


Smiles are included in every order - both at delivery and after your group tries one of these fine treats.


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