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yummy goodies


here's a delicious introduction to what we're all about --- well, it's on your computer so, really, it doesn't do justice to the entire experience --- you'll just have to try some

     the challenge - a Canadian Naval Admiral at a dinner party

     the concept - the Naval Coat of Arms atop a tasty creation

<< the creation - see here (but don't taste please)

      the delivery - on time and to the delight of the party


      the enjoyment - priceless



It's all in the details - and our details can include edible sprinkles, beautiful presentation and something that tastes even better than it looks.   Clients have selected an entire family of cupcakes (including giant oversized cupcakes as the centre piece) right through to marshmallow filled monsters that may require you to seek help for your new found addiction. 

In fact, the Granville Island testing place for some of these has a couple cupcake addicts looking for the multi-step program to ween them off these addictive creations.

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